-Tip off-
Chapter 62.5
Chapter 62.5, Volume 8
Anime episode Episode 22.5
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I Know What I Have To Do!!
I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me

-Tip off- is a special chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise recalls the days when he first joined Teiko’s Basketball Team. He acknowledges the dark skinned one who taught him how to play (Aomine), the strange one with the weird accent (Midorima), the two players he hasn’t met yet, and the one who is his “weak” instructor (Kuroko). Vexed by Kuroko’s “weakness”, he asks Aomine why Kuroko has a regular spot on the team when he can’t even do the basics. Aomine tells him Kuroko is special-completely different from the rest of the players. Midorima informs Kise and Kuroko that they’ll be supporting the second string tomorrow. He tells Kise to never forget Teiko’s rules—victory is a must, and defeat is unforgivable.

The next day, Kise asks Kuroko to make the game a little more interesting. They can make a bet to see who scores the most points. Kuroko replies there’s no way he could do that; plus, he’s more concerned about what he can do for the team.

When Kise starts playing, he’s unaccustomed to the rough play and has trouble finding openings for scoring. When the score is 61-75 (Teiko is losing), Kuroko enters the game. He asks Kise to lend him his strength. Unsure about his words, Kise wonders what’s going to happen. He’s even more annoyed to see that no one’s bothering to mark Kuroko. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Kise gets a pass from Kuroko. Although he’s shocked, he scores. Throughout the game, Kise is amazed by Kuroko’s skills that allow him to quickly and easily score, leading Teiko to victory.

After the game, Kise joyously discusses Kuroko’s amazing style. He also wonders why Kuroko has chosen to sacrifice himself like this; he adds that he could never do it. However, Kuroko replies that he doesn’t see it like that—he’s happy to be able to support the team. He smiles when Kise says he’s really starting to get into basketball. He’s also slightly put off by the way Kise is calling him “Kurokocchi”.

Midorima comes to see Akashi, who is playing shogi alone. Akashi informs him that Kise will be wearing a uniform soon as one of Teiko’s starting members. He thought it would be a good idea to show him Kuroko’s power beforehand. Midorima replies that Akashi always speaks like he knows everything. Akashi replies that he does, slightly annoying Midorima.

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