...I'm The Worst
Chapter 223
Chapter 223
Title ...I'm The Worst
......Saitei desu
Release date July 22, 2013
Anime episode Episode 65, Episode 66
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...I'm The Worst is the two hundredth and twenty third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko desperately asks Akashi why he’s saying that nothing is more important than winning. Akashi responds that Teiko’s philosophy has always espoused that rule. Kuroko chose to go along with it at the time because he was in a good mood. Finally, Akashi states that he has no intention of arguing with him because Kuroko’s “vague question” will not change anything; plus, it’s giving him a headache. Downcast and with tears gathering in his eyes, Kuroko answers that Akashi is correct. However, all he wants is to go back to the days before the state championship. Akashi replies that if Kuroko wants to leave the club, he won’t stop him; however, if he chooses to stay, he has to accept reality.

All of the Generation of Miracles are doing things individually during their practice sessions. One day, Momoi asks Kuroko if they can walk home together since they don’t have practice today. As they talk, Kuroko tells Momoi he hasn’t been with Aomine for a while. Momoi responds that the team is as strong as ever, but for some reason, she feels lonely. She suddenly asks him if he remembers what she said “back then”. Kuroko replies that he doesn’t; she immediately brushes it off as unimportant and Kuroko leaves. Watching his solitary figure walking away, Momoi immediately recalls when she saw him with the team, talking and laughing. She places her hand over her mouth and quietly starts crying.

Kuroko gets a phone call from Ogiwara Shigehiro. He excitedly tells Kuroko that he saw Teiko’s members’ profiles in a basketball magazine. He goes on to say that this year his team is strong too, so they’ll definitely keep their promise this year. Ogiwara suddenly feels something is wrong, and he asks Kuroko about it. Kuroko, however, replies that nothing is wrong; they’ll talk later. Afterwards, Kuroko looks at the sky and states he’s sorry—he wants to say many things, but he can’t find the words. Moreover, he is the worst because he told a lie and made a girl cry.

Unexpectedly, a voice calls out to him to move if he’s not using the court. Kuroko apologizes and walks past the boy. The boy glances at Kuroko as he walks past him. He suddenly asks Kuroko if he is on a basketball team. Kuroko replies he guesses he is. The boy tells him to keep doing his best.

End Tagline: This year, the more they win, the more they lose. What else will Kuroko lose before achieving the 11th consecutive victory?

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  • The scene that Momoi recalls is from Chapter 213 The Lion and the Rabbit.
  • The boy that Kuroko spoke to on the basketball court is Taiga Kagami.