A Day Of Clear Blue Skies is the twenty-third volume of the Kuroko no Basuke manga series.


Kuroko forms a plan to help Seirin defeat Kise; they will allow him to score, so Seirin can get the ball in the last seconds. Although it works, Kise refuses to accept defeat and charges after Kagami in the last three seconds. Kagami slams the ball off the board, and Kuroko gets the ball. He then scores a buzzer beater; Seirin defeats Kaijo. However, afterwards, Kuroko tells Kise they may have defeated Kaijo, but they couldn’t beat Kise—he was a really strong opponent. After the game, Midorima tells Kagami about the other “Akashi”; he adds that Kuroko will explain the details. The entire Seirin team gathers in Kagami’s home. There, Kuroko starts to tell them about how he met the Generation of Miracles. It was the beginning of Teiko Middle School-a day of clear blue skies.


Major story events


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