A Little Warning
Chapter 66
Chapter 66, Volume 8
Title A Little Warning
Hitotsu Chūkoku Shitokuwa
Anime episode Episode 23
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A Little Warning is the sixty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kiyoshi asks his teammates how they defeated Kaijo. Unable to provide a decent answer, Kagami replies with spirit. Watching Aomine, Kuroko states that Aomine usually gets stronger as the game progresses. On the court, Wakamatsu notices Hayakawa’s actions and points out how loud and annoying he is. Imayoshi replies that it’s a quality that Wakamatsu shares with him, surprising Wakamatsu.

When the game resumes, Imayoshi decides to proceed slowly. Tōō Academy doesn’t attack aggressively, surprising Hyuuga. Instead, they use careful passes and plays to score. In the next play, Kasamatsu passes once again to Kise, and Kise faces Aomine. Imayoshi, who is marking Kasamatsu, starts talking to him. Kasamatsu accuses him of planning something, but Imayoshi denies it. Referring to Kaijo, he adds that that “planning” is something “small fries” do. He believes in one thing—Aomine is the strongest.

Imayoshi states there are many reasons for that. Aomine’s ability-skill, speed, and agility-are unparalleled. Simultaneously, Aomine steals the ball from Kise and scores. Imayoshi adds that the reason Kise can’t win is because he doesn’t have his own weapon. Kasamatsu, however, replies that he does have a weapon.

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