A Llama Once Told Me
Chapter 252
Chapter 252
Title A Llama Once Told Me
Rakuda ga Iimashita
Release date March 5, 2014
Anime episode Episode 71
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A Llama Once Told Me is the two hundreth and fifty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Kuroko blasts the ball across the court and helps Seirin score. After Rakuzan reclaims the ball, Akashi passes to Nebuya. He faces Kiyoshi in a one-on-one and scores as well. The score is Seirin 54, Rakuzan 76. Coach Shirogane analyzes the situation from Rakuzan’s bench. He knows that Kagami has entered the Zone for a second time, but he believes he’ll soon run out of stamina. Kuroko’s return has helped Seirin, but as long as they continue to use Mayuzumi, Kagami will be kept in check. He finally concludes that all Rakuzan has to do is play calmly and not let the point gap shrink.

Watching the game, Aomine comments that all this time, Akashi and Kagami have both had to make gambles. However, Seirin has not yet been able to force Akashi to make any risky plays. Moreover, Seirin sees the “heartless” way which Mayuzumi is being used to stop Kagami. Observing this, Kasamatsu states that Mayuzumi is functioning automatically because he is wearing Rakuzan’s uniform. On the court, Kuroko looks at an empty-eyed Mayuzumi and at Akashi’s cold-hearted eyes; he then softly whispers Akashi’s name.

Kagami scores again—there is now only a 20 point difference. On the bench, Tsuchida cheers on the other second years, believing that they are the only ones who can stop Rakuzan’s “generals”. Seeing his determination, the other first years start to loudly cheer as well.

Finally, Hayama once again faces Izuki. Izuki questions him about Mayuzumi and how the other Rakuzan players feel about him. Hayama replies that he doesn’t feel anything—they are using his skills to help Rakuzan win. Since Izuki annoyed him, he states that he’ll be dribbling now with four fingers. Amazingly, Izuki manages to keep up with him.

Watching the play, Imayoshi and Kasamatsu both note that Izuki has flourished during the game. Back on the court, Izuki makes one of his famous puns: “A llama once told me—compared to Akashi, you’re much lamer.” Hayama unexpectedly bursts out laughing, completely enjoying and understanding Izuki’s pun, shocking him. Hayama then stops laughing, smiles, and states he completely underestimated Izuki—therefore, he’ll now proceed with five fingers.

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