A Miracle Won't Happen
Chapter 245
Chapter 245
Title A Miracle Won't Happen
Kiseki wa Okinai
Release date January 17, 2014
Anime episode Episode 69
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A Miracle Won't Happen is the two hundreth and forty-five chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


On Seirin’s bench, everyone keeps cheering for the team although there is a 17 point difference. Sakurai observes Hyuuga’s struggle against Mibuchi. Unable to shoot, Hyuuga frustratingly passes to Kiyoshi. However, Kiyoshi has his own problems against Nebuya. In the stands, Yosen’s members comment that Seirin succeeded with the rookie pair of Kagami and Kuroko. Nevertheless, Hyuuga and Kiyoshi were the lights of the outside and inside respectively. Now, however, it is as if Seirin has lost both its legs.

Furthermore, Izuki cannot break free from Akashi. Desperately, he passes to Fukuda. In a daze, Fukuda misses the ball, and Rakuzan takes possession of it. Riko then subs out an exhausted Fukuda and puts in Kawahara. Imayoshi states that Seirin is just subbing out one player after another for Akashi. Wakamatsu angrily gives a shout, wondering what Seirin is thinking. Irritated, Imayoshi replies that he doesn’t’ know, but one thing is for sure—Rakuzan isn’t doing anything special, but the point difference is increasing. Therefore, this means that there is a certified power difference between both teams.

On Seirin’s bench, Riko watches helplessly, feeling powerless that she cannot do anything for the boys. On the court, Hayama passes Kagami and scores. The crowd cheers that the “Raijuu” scored once again. Hayama, however, tells Mibuchi that the crowd is not as enthusiastic for him. Hayama is suddenly blocked, and Kagami manages to score. Piqued, Mibuchi retorts that this is what happens when he doesn’t pay attention.

Hanamiya states that Seirin’s attack is still getting through. Although it is not impossible to score, they are not closing the gap. Finally, Akashi shocks everyone by assisting in an alley-oop. Seirin and the crowd are stunned that he could do that even though he is only around 170 cm tall. Akashi tells a stupefied Kagami that even he can do this much.

As he watches the play, Murasakibara comments that Seirin cannot pull off a miracle without Kuroko. Furthermore, it’s already too late—Kurochin has lost his lack of presence, and the gap in score and strength is too wide. A miracle won’t happen now with a 25 point difference (Seirin 37-Rakuzan 62).

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  • In Japanese myth, a Raijuu is a beast whose body is composed of lightning.