A New Challenge
Chapter 52
Chapter 52, Volume 6
Title A New Challenge
Japanese 新しい挑戦へ
Romanized Atarashii Chousen he
Release date November 23, 2009
Anime episode Episode 19
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A New Challenge is the fifty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


After the game ends, Kuroko and Aomine pass each other without saying a word. In the stands, Takao is shocked by the results. He claims that if Seirin lost so badly, Shutoku is sure to suffer an even greater defeat. Although Kimura hits him on the head, Ootsubo states Aomine is in a category all to himself-an extremely dangerous player. Midorima bids farewell to Kise; he immediately asks Midorima if he isn’t stunned by the results. Midorima says Kise should spend less time worrying about him and worry more about Kuroko. Kuroko is part of a young team. This outcome may affect their upcoming games as well. He hopes they’ll be able to overcome this defeat.

In Tōō Academy’s locker room, Wakamatsu is ecstatic over their victory, but Imayoshi tells him to be quiet. One of Tōō’s players starts mocking Kuroko’s efforts. Aomine suddenly grabs him by the collar and lifts him off the floor, telling him he talks a lot for someone who was benched the entire time. Wakamatsu tells Aomine to put him down. Irritated, Aomine does and leaves the room.

In Seirin’s locker room, Riko tells the team not to give up since they have more games to play. She instructs Kagami to immediately go to the hospital. When everyone leaves, Kagami speaks to Kuroko. He tells Kuroko that in the face of such overwhelming odds, their cooperation isn’t enough to win. Saying this, he walks out. Completely dejected, Kuroko is unable to say anything.

Seirin loses their other games as well. Riko sends a text message to someone (Kiyoshi) telling him about their defeat.

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