Be My Opponent!
Chapter 78
Chapter 78, Volume 9
Title Be My Opponent!
Chotto Mazatteke yo
Anime episode Episode 27
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Be My Opponent! is the seventy-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Murasakibara states that Kuroko looks so serious that he wants to crush him. However, his outstretched hand lightly ruffles Kuroko’s hair—Murasakibara also tells Kuroko he’s joking. Piqued, Kuroko brushes his hand away, asking him not to do that. Seeing that Kuroko is angry, Murasakibara apologizes. Murasakibara tells Himuro they came to Tokyo because Himuro wanted to go sightseeing. Instead, he decided to play street ball; Himuro apologizes, saying he thought that it would be fun. Everyone wonders why Murasakibara is here and mention the Interhigh. However, Murasakibara states he didn’t play because “Aka-chin” asked him not to. Kuroko explains that he’s referring to the Generation of Miracles’s former captain. Murasakibara goes on to say that he came to stop Himuro from playing because Yosen doesn’t allow its players to play in unofficial games.

When he’s about to leave with Himuro, Kagami suddenly stops him, thinking he can’t allow Murasakibara to interfere in their showdown. Murasakibara suddenly plucks one of Kagami’s eyebrows, stating that it’s too long. After Kagami yells at him, he calmly continues to eat his snacks. The other first years are puzzled by his behavior. However, Kuroko explains that some players are like this—they are incredibly talented in the sport they play, but they are clueless about other matters. Murasakibara is nonplussed and is about to leave when Kagami starts taunting him, saying he’s afraid so it’s better if he runs away. Annoyed, Murasakibara tells Kagami he’s not afraid or running away. Himuro calls him “Ishii-kun” and gets him a T-shirt that proves they’re on the same team. Furihata can’t believe that Himuro just tricked everyone like that. Kagami explains that Tatsuya doesn’t mind doing slightly underhanded things like this as long as he can achieve his goals.

Although Kagami and Murasakibara continue to call each other names, Kiyoshi eventually stops them. He instructs Kagami to mark Himuro; he’ll handle Murasakibara. Kiyoshi speaks to Murasakibara, asking if he remembers him. Murasakibara apologizes, saying he doesn’t remember the names of weak players, startling Kiyoshi. Once the game starts, angry at Murasakibara’s attitude, Kuroko uses Ignite Pass to pass the ball to Kiyoshi. He catches it and quickly scores and he tells Murasakibara that he’ll make him remember him through basketball. Murasakibara acknowledges that he remembers Kiyoshi—however, Kiyoshi will later wish that he had forgotten him.

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