Because I Believe in You
Chapter 135
Chapter 135, Volume 15
Title Because I Believe in You
Anime episode Episode 42
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Because I Believe in You is the one hundredth and thirty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The Seirin team is schocked when Kagami volunteers to mark Aomine. However, despite their protests, Kagami explains to them that he has no longer any intention of bringing down the Generation of Miracles on his own. Rather, he wants to fight for his team's victory and says that Aomine is someone he'll have to beat himself. Hyuuga accepts his decision, and the team trusts their victory to him as their ace.

The match begins, and Kagami marks Aomine, shocking both Susa and Sakurai, but Imayoshi mocks it as an insensible choice. Meanwhile Aomine looks down on Kagami, saying that his light is too dim and passes him and scores with ease. Seirin goes for the counterattack, and Kuroko uses his Misdirection Overflow on Izuki, but its effectiveness is wearing off; therefore, Imayoshi steals the ball, but instead, it's about to goes straight outside only to be saved by Kuroko. He then passes it to Hyuuga, and the latter passes it to Kiyoshi giving him the opportunity to score. Kuroko tells Aomine that Kagami won't lose cause he believes in him, irritating Aomine.

Kagami zone

Kagami has Entered the Zone

The Seirin bench players cheer their players. Kagami stills marks Aomine, but gets passed easily again. Desperate, Kagami thinks how weak he is and how he is sick of losing and seeing his teammates cry. As Aomine is about to pass Kagami, the ball is stolen by the latter. Shocked, Aomine is ecstatic that Kagami has also entered the Zone. Aomine declares he takes back what he had said to him--Kagami really is amazing.

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