Chapter 138
Chapter 138, Volume 16
Title Believing
Release date October 17, 2011
Anime episode Episode 43
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Believing is the one hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kiyoshi gets fouled by Wakamatsu, and the ball lands under the hoop, resulting in a 3 point play for Kiyoshi. This amazes the spectators along with Kaijo, Shutoku , and Seirin. Riko is also amazed that Kagami is finally assisting his team despite that he only focuses on the opponent in front of him. Aomine is suprised by this as well.

Kuroko sends his final pass

Kuroko sending his final pass

Kiyoshi is about to shoot his freethrow, but he misses. However, Kagami gets the rebound, but Aomine blocks the ball from him. Running after the ball, Imayoshi is about to get the ball only to realize that Kuroko is already there. Imayoshi thinks that Kuroko believes in Aomine more than Kagami; however Kuroko voices his thoughts, correcting Imayoshi by saying that he believes in both of them. Then Kuroko blasts the ball back to Kagami.

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