Can You Leave It To Me
Chapter 122
Chapter 122, Volume 14
Title Can You Leave It To Me
Ore ni Makasete Kurenaisuka
Anime episode Episode 40
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Can You Leave It To Me is the one hundredth and twenty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Aomine acknowledges Kagami’s strength; however, he decides to play more seriously now. Aloud, he tells Kagami that he should entertain him now. Aomine starts to execute a fast play, suddenly tossing the ball toward the hoop. Thinking Aomine is doing an alley-oop, Wakamatsu jumps to complete the shot. However, Aomine suddenly grabs the ball himself and scores with a back shot. While the crowd is in an uproar over the play, Wakamatsu scolds Aomine—he should be clear about what he is planning. Aomine retorts that Wakamatsu’s “misunderstanding” him from dunking the ball—from now on, when he gets the ball, they should just give him space. As Aomine runs back, Sakurai tires to calm an irritated Wakamatsu while Imayoshi smiles confidently.

In the next play, Koganei tries to screen Aomine, but Aomine easily gets by him to face Kagami. After Kagami easily scores, Koganei asks Kagami if he did something wrong. Kagami reassures him that he didn’t, but he would like them to let him handle Aomine.

Observing the play, Midorima tells Takao that he believes that the balance will crumble soon. However, all of the Generation of Miracles are shocked when Kagami blocks Aomine’s Formless Shot. Midorima can’t believe it and wonders if Kagami is possibly better than Aomine. On the court, Kagami tells an infuriated Aomine that he doesn’t mind entertaining him if he can spare time for that.

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