Declaration of War, Please
Chapter 83
Chapter 83, Volume 10
Title Declaration of War, Please
Sensen Fukoku Onegaishimasu
Anime episode Episode 28
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Declaration of War, Please is the eighty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Narumi loses an offensive rebound to Kiyoshi. Imayoshi states that the addition of Kiyoshi to the team is a great advantage. Now, their inside is no longer their weakness; because they can get rebounds, they are able to shoot freely as well.

On the court, Kiyoshi tells Hyuuga he’s been scoring a lot today. Extremely annoyed, Kagami mutters furiously that he can’t believe everyone is getting to score except for him. Kuroko sighs and uses his wristband to hit Kagami on the face. When Kagami turns on him, Kuroko tells him to calm down. The reason their senpais can easily score is because Kagami is drawing Josei’s defenders towards himself. Kagami is helping the team, so there is no reason for him to be upset. Moreover, Kuroko directs Kagami’s attention to the stands. He tells Kagami that Too’s members are here, and Aomine will definitely hear about today’s game. Therefore, this is the perfect time for Kagami to issue a declaration of war. Kagami agrees that he’ll handle this; fuming, he stomps away. Although Hyuuga is grateful for Kuroko’s calm attitude at times like this, he tells Kuroko that maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned Too. Kuroko agrees with him.

Kagami finally gets the ball, and he charges in. Although Tsubuku and Sakuma are still marking him, Kagami asserts that they have lost their spirit. Defenders who have lost the will to fight can never stop him. Nevertheless, Narumi rushes to block him, claiming Seirin hasn’t won yet, shocking Josei. Kagami replies that he’s glad that someone like Narumi is around; otherwise the game would have ended disappointingly. However, Narumi’s spirit isn’t enough to defeat him. Kagami suddenly does a lane-up, shocking everyone.

Simultaneously, all of the Generation of Miracles hear the sound of a door opening. Although there is no evidence to prove this, they felt it all at once. This door only opens to athletes that have given endless hours of practice to the sport they love. No player in this time is the Generation of Miracles’ equal. Even if someone did show up, it would happen in the distant future. However, they felt that this door was being forced open by Kagami.

Kagami scores, but he stills falls flat on to the court. Kuroko helps him up, jokingly saying he’s falling around all over the place today. A smiling Kagami accepts his hand as he tells Kuroko to be quiet. An overjoyed Seirin wins their first match 108-61. After watching, Sakurai comments that Seirin might make it to the Winter Cup. Imayoshi, however, replies that the “real monsters” are still coming-like a storm.

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