Doesn't It Fire You Up?
Chapter 17
Chapter 17, Volume 3
Title Doesn't It Fire You Up?
Release date April 13, 2009
Anime episode Episode 7
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Doesn't It Fire You Up? is the seventeenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Midorima's shot

Midorima shows of his skill

Shūtoku already started their match against Kinka while Seirin is watching them. Kawahara says that Shūtoku is only taking it easy. Hyūga explains how Shūtoku is playing their basketball. Taisuke Ōtsubo shows off a strong rebound; he then goes for a strong dunk and accidentally hits a Kinka player. He then helps the fallen player stand up. Riko and Hyūga remember when Shūtoku fought against them with an unstoppable Ōtsubo. Since Midorima joined the team, Shūtoku's performance improved even more than the last year. Kagami notices that Midorima's shots never miss, and Kuroko adds he never saw Midorima miss a shot. Midorima makes a shot and calls Takao to come with him for defense. Takao says if Midorima misses the shot, then they will also get mad at him. Midorima replies that he follows his horoscope and brings his lucky item, so his shot will never miss. The Seirin team is also surprised to hear about Midorima's 100% accurate shot.

Riko explains the match for Interhigh Preliminaries final league

Riko explains the match

The match ends with the score of 153 – 21 with Shūtoku's victory, and they leave. Seirin is about to leave when Riko stops them because they still have a match. Riko explains how their match going to be, and they will have 2 matches on the fourth round and the last day. Koga points that having 2 matches a day is very exhausting. Kagami looks at the chart of the matches. Even the second years didn't notice that they will face Seihō and Shūtoku on the same day. As they complain that having two matches a day is exhausting, Kagami is excited-- if the school's team members are strong, it is sure to be an exciting day. He then turns to Kuroko and asks him for his opinion. Kuroko is also excited, and the team members end up saying that he has been infected by Kagami's disease. However, Kuroko asks them if having that kind of match wouldn't also fire everyone else up. Seirin then leaves for their fifth round.

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