Don't Be Ridiculous
Episode 36
Episode 36
Title Don't Be Ridiculous
Air date December 14, 2013
Manga chapters Chapter 106, 107 and 108
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Don't Be Ridiculous (ふざけるな, Fuzakeruna) is the thirty-sixth episode and the eleventh episode of the 2nd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Kuroko's Ignite Pass surprises Hanamiya

Kuroko's Ignite Pass surprises Hanamiya

Seirin is still falling behind 54 - 60, and Hyūga, till this stage, still has not made a single 3-pointer. After forgetting his thoughts of defeating Hanamiya, Hyūga finally makes his first 3-pointer of the match. He followed with a fake to assist Izuki for a simple lay up. Hanamiya attempts to elbow Kuroko, but missed as Kuroko dodges it easily. However, he passes Kuroko and despite the tight defense by Hyūga and Mitobe, he makes a teardrop floater shot. Still down 69 - 70 with 45 seconds left, Kuroko gets raged and fires his Ignite Pass through Hanamiya and reaches Kagami who jams it in easily.

Seirin goes to Winter Cup

Seirin advances to the WC

The game finishes with Hyūga scoring a 3-pointer. Seirin wins the game 76 - 70, therefore earning the Winter Cup spot. Shūtoku also secured their berth to the Winter Cup with a 112 - 81 win over Senshinkan. With all the members of Generation of Miracles, including the Phantom Sixth Man Kuroko, battling in this year's Winter Cup, who will emerge victorious in this intense war? 

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