Don't Make Me Laugh
Chapter 40
Chapter 40, Volume 5
Title Don't Make Me Laugh
Release date September 14, 2009
Anime episode Episode 15
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Don't Make Me Laugh (chapter 40) is the fortieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami is sitting on the steps downcast. He feels like he can never win against Aomine. The only other time he’s felt this way is with Kise.

Tōō Academy's members are taking a break from practice. Wakamatsu looks at Sakurai’s cute bento and wonders if he brought his little sister’s by mistake. Aomine suddenly appears behind Sakurai and starts wolfing down his lunch. Wakamatsu is irritated and tells Sakurai not to give him any of his food. He also yells at Aomine for missing practice. Lazily, Aomine tells him he only came here to get his Mai-chan photobook. He tells everyone to practice hard and gets ready to leave. Wakamatsu grabs his collar and tells him he has to practice. Aomine darkly tells Wakamatsu that he’ll forgive him this time since he’s tired. He unexpectedly knees Wakamatsu in the stomach. Aomine adds that he doesn’t need to practice since he’s already the best. He asks Ryo how many points he scored in the last game; Ryo answers 82 points. Smirking, he quickly dribbles the ball down the court and smashes it in the basket so hard that the basket breaks. Holding the basket, he states they won’t be able to practice now, so they should just rest. Finally, he states they can bug him when they are able to beat him.

As he leaves, Wakamatsu is about to go after him, but Imayoshi stops him. He states that Wakamatsu isn’t wrong; however, in the sports world, exceptions are made for incredibly strong players (i.e. Shaquille O’Neil and Tiger Woods). Aomine is the current demon in their world.

Riko shows everyone the final league’s lineup. Koganei remarks that this year they might go all the way since it’s okay to lose two games out of four. He states they’ll be okay if they lose to Momoi and Aomine. However, Riko points out that Momoi and Aomine both attend Tōō Academy. The other players are surprised Aomine didn’t go to a powerhouse school like the other Generation of Miracles. Riko informs them about Too’s recent acquisitions of strong players from across the country. This year’s lineup is exceptionally strong.

Kagami arrives for practice. Riko immediately notices that he was playing basketball instead of resting—his legs have not healed. Yelling, she orders him to go to the nurse’s office on his hands. When Hyuuga tells her she didn’t have to yell so much, she answers she’s frustrated because they won’t have Kagami against their first opponent-Tōō Academy.

Kuroko excuses himself, claiming he has to go to the bathroom, to talk to Kagami. He asks Kagami why he would recklessly play basketball. Kagami answers he met Aomine. He realized that Aomine and Kuroko weren’t ordinary teammates, and he wants Kuroko to tell him what happened between him and Aomine.

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