Don't Make Me Laugh
Chapter 60
Chapter 60, Volume 7
Title Don't Make Me Laugh
Anime episode Episode 21
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Don't Make Me Laugh (chapter 60) is the sixtieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In the morning, Kuroko and Kagami run into Midorima and Takao. Shocked, Midorima accuses them of enjoying their vacation here. However, he soon finds out about their training camp. Coincidentally, the Shutoku team is also staying here (it has been a long tradition for their school to stay here and train). Riko comes to get Kuroko and Kagami for breakfast; seeing her “blood splattered clothes”, Midorima is stunned. Outraged, he asks Kuroko what kind of school Seirin is. Kuroko bluntly replies Seirin High; exasperated, Midorima states that’s not what he meant.

When Kimura finds out that Seirin is here, he’s surprised. Takao is continually trying to suppress his laughter because Midorima says they are cursed to be staying at the same place as Seirin. Riko asks Shutoku’s coach to have joint practice sessions with Seirin. When she announces this, both teams are surprised. However, Shutoku’s coach insists they are helping each other refine their skills. However, during this time, Riko instructs Kagami to run to the convenience store across the beach 500 meters away and get drinks for the team-one drink at a time. Kagami can’t believe it, but he agrees to do as she instructed.

During the first practice game, Midorima faces off against Kuroko. Everyone is surprised to see their match up. After witnessing his play, Midorima asks him what’s wrong, adding that he’s gotten quite sloppy. Kuroko replies he just wants to get stronger. Midorima says that that’s impossible since he’s all alone; he can’t get stronger all by himself. Coach Nakatani observes that Kagami is also not participating in the practice matches. He also notes that Kiyoshi, a powerful adversary, has returned. Later, when Takao and Midorima are relaxing, they discuss Kuroko’s technique. Takao suggests that if there was any way for him to make the ball disappear, he could have a really powerful weapon. However, Midorima states that he’s never been able to do that; nevertheless, if he could overcome it, it would really be terrifying.

Once practice is over, Kagami returns with drinks for the Seirin and Shutoku teams. Riko is shocked that he trained so hard.

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