Don't Misunderstand!
Chapter 70
Chapter 70, Volume 8
Title Don't Misunderstand!
Dōnarunsuka ne
Anime episode Episode 24
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Don't Misunderstand! is the seventieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


When Kise manages to break past Aomine, he charges down the court. Imayoshi can’t believe his bad feeling cam true; moreover, he can’t believe that Kise copied Aomine’s moves perfectly. Enraged, Aomine rushes after Kise, yelling that he shouldn’t get ahead of himself. As he jumps to block him, Momoi’s scream cuts through the air, telling Aomine to stop. However, it’s too late, and Aomine fouls Kise. Kise adds insult to injury by scoring as well. He is also granted a free throw shot. Now Aomine has four fouls. Fear grips Tōō Academy and puts the entire team on edge. Kise also looks pityingly at Aomine, infuriating him. Everyone realizes that Aomine now won’t be able to make any more risky plays.

In the next play, Imayoshi frantically wonders how to proceed. He passes the ball to Aomine, but he fumbles, shocking everyone. Kise grabs it, and he dashes down the court. Sakurai rushes to stop Kise, but Kise also breaks past him. As Aomine is running after him, he scolds himself, thinking those four fouls were his mistake. He wonders if Kise really wanted this even if it could be used as a winning strategy for his team. Nevertheless, he can’t understand why everyone’s so worried; Satsuki’s reaction also irritated him. When Kise is about to smash the ball in, Aomine slams it away. Aomine addresses a surprised Kise. He tells Kise that everyone was wrong to think that he would back down after four fouls. However, he’s the most annoyed with Kise. If Kise has time to feel sorry for him, then he should come at him with everything he’s got. Kise agrees that that’s the way it should be.

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