Don't Underestimate Us!!
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Chapter 193
Chapter 193, Volume 22
Title Don't Underestimate Us!!
Name'n Janē!!
Release date December 3, 2012
Anime episode Episode 59
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Don't Underestimate Us!! is the one hundred and ninety-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin trails Kaijō by 4 points with a shot by Izuki. Seeing his team falling back, Kise reacts uneasily, but he is set at ease by his coach. Moriyama shoots the next goal-attempt, evading Hyūga's block with his trademark unorthodox shot. The ball bounces on the rim and falls in. In the next offense, Hyūga pulls up for a three but seeing how Moriyama closes in on him, switched to a pass inside. Kiyoshi lures Kobori into jumping and passes it through to Mitobe, who finishes the play. It is clear that the current Seirin is overpowering their opponent, confirmed by Himuro's analysis.

The Kaijō team turns to its captain, Kasamatsu, but he gives out the order to just continue what they were doing up until now. He correctly deduces that Seirin is stronger than them right now and tells his players to focus on simply getting more points than them. Kasamatsu decides to swallow his pride and go with this strategy since it seems they are hopeless without Kise. Kaijō's coach, Takeuchi, remembers how his team evolved from the arrival of one of the Generation of Miracles, to their loss to Seirin, and the hard work after that. He concludes that Kaijō has really become a team centered around the ace, Kise. It is also true that Seirin is the one Kaijō wants to win against! Kaijō's focus rises noticeably.

Kasamatsu jumps for the ball

Kasamatsu throws himself to save the ball

As Kasamatsu dribbles towards Izuki, and Izuki asks Mitobe to be on guard. Kasamatsu gets his drive in full gear and passes Izuki again. Izuki reacts quickly and uses his Eagle Spear, barely tapping the ball out of Kasamatsu's hand. Mitobe leans towards the ball, but Kasamatsu squeezes whatever is still inside of him and jumps forward and slaps the ball towards Kobori, who catches the ball and goes straight up. He shoots, but the ball is touched by Kiyoshi. The ball bounces out of the basket, but it is suddenly tipped in by Hayakawa. Getting another basket fires the team up, after which Kasamatsu shouts towards the Seirin team not to underestimate them, flustering the Seirin team.

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