Don't Worry
Chapter 22
Chapter 22, Volume 3
Title Don't Worry
Shinpai Sunna
Release date May 18, 2009
Anime episode Episode 9
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We Got Over It
In Order to Win

Don't Worry is the twenty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


During the break, Tsugawa is shocked that Seiho and Seirin are tied. Iwamura warns his team not to underestimate Seirin—they are strong. Simultaneously, Riko instructs Seirin to continue with the attack. She is also frustrated because Kagami has three fouls; this will make him more cautious than before. Nevertheless, because of Kuroko’s strong passes, Kagami is able to score. Kise and Kasamatsu note that they’re working together even better than before. Still, Tsugawa doesn’t care; he’s planning to do something that will make it even more painful for Kagami. He comments that no matter how good their teamwork is, only one of them can score.

During the next play, Kagami feels that something is not right. When he’s about to take a shot, Hyuuga yells at him to stop, but it’s too late. Kagami bumps into Tsugawa and earns his fourth foul. Seeing Tsugawa’s smiling face, Kagami realizes he did it on purpose. Kise comments that now he won’t be able to make anymore risky plays. Kagami tries to reassure everyone that he won’t make anymore fouls. Hyuuga, however, is unconcerned. He tells Kagami and Kuroko that they had already planned to bench both of them during this time. The second year’s pride is at stake, and they want to get revenge themselves for last year. Hyuuga also says that they need to conserve their strength because only they can defeat Midorima. He adds that Midorima has already been benched in his game earlier on. Kagami is about to protest, but Kuroko says they should trust their senpais. On their bench, Takao notices that Seirin has benched Kuroko and Kagami; he questions whether they’re throwing the game. However, Midorima replies that it’s the opposite.

Stepping on the court, Hyuuga is in complete clutch time mode, and he tells Tsugawa that he will discipline him. Tsugawa is surprised at his change in attitude. Iwamura tells Hyuuga he heard his conversation, and he tells Hyuuga not to underestimate Seiho. Hyuuga answers that that was just talk. The senpais are playing now because they can’t brag if they win because of the first years. This is their will.

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