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Eiji Shirogane (白金 永治 Shirogane Eiji) is the coach of Rakuzan High.


In his 40s, Shirogane is among the older coaches shown in the series and his age is apparent in his face. He has black swept-back hair with a gray stripe on each side. He dresses in a black business suit with a white shirt and purple tie.


Shirogane is shown to have a cold personality. 

As evident from one of Rakuzan High's games, it seems he trusts Seijuro Akashi as captain to better decide what his teammates should do.


Japanese national team

Shirogane on the national basketball team

Shirogane was shown to be a part of the national Japanese team during his youth, as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Kagetora Aida, Nakatani, Takeuchi and Harasawa. Further more, he was wearing the jersey with the number 4, hinting that he might have been the team's captain.


Winter Cup

Shirogane guides his team successfully through the first rounds and also later through the quarter-finals.


Shirogane appears for the first time during the time-out between the first and second quarter. He tells his team that everything is going well and that there will be no changes. He leaves the authority for changes in-game to the captain Akashi.[1]


Training Capability
7/10 Eiji chart
Analytical Skill
Ability when actively playing


  • The kanji 白 (Shiro) in his name means white.
  • He teaches World History in Rakuzan High School.[2]
  • Accoring to KUROFES, he and Kōzō Shirogane are relatives.
    • His motto: "Train to be strong like steel"
    • Favorite Food: Sashimi
    • Hobby: Go
    • Specialty: Ballroom Dancing
    • He teaches World History
    • He has a Wife and 2 Daughters
    • He is bad at drinking (liquor)
    • His best move: Back Shot
    • He spends his free time taking leisure walks
    • He cannot remember why he joined basketball
    • He has his eyes on Kagami


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