Even Still, The Ultimate Is
Chapter 134
Chapter 134, Volume 15
Title Even Still, The Ultimate Is
Soredemo Saikyo wa
Anime episode Episode 42
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Even Still, The Ultimate Is is the one hundredth and thirty-fourth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Everyone is amazed when they see Aomine in the Zone. Kagetora remarks that Aomine had already been playing at 80% strength. However, now because of the Zone, he will be able to release his power at 100%. He adds that he never faced anyone like this during his professional career. Murasakibara thinks that this is also the first time the Generation of Miracles have seen this. Akashi, Kise, and Midorima are also amazed. Midorima can’t believe Aomine forced the doors open on his own—this is Aomine’s true form.

Aomine Zone 2

Aomine's True Form

Flashback: Aomine lazily tells a coach who has come to scout him that he won’t be participating in practice; angered the coach leaves. Later Momoi scolds Aomine that he will have to practice just like everyone else. As he walks away, he says he’ll just get better if he practices—there is nothing more boring than playing against someone who has already given up.

Later on, when Aomine meets with Tōō Academy’s coach, Katsunori Harasawa agrees to think about excluding Aomine from practice. Surprised, Aomine starts to take an interest in Tōō Academy. Walking through the halls, he runs into Shoichi Imayoshi. He tells Aomine they are interested in him, but after seeing videos of his games, he believes Aomine is too soft. Imayoshi states that Aomine is playing with the hope of losing—he is seeking a rival, but because of his overwhelming strength, he will never find it. He adds that no one will ever feel sorry for him because of his great power. He concludes that if Aomine wants to finally play to win, he can come to them. Hearing all of this, Aomine smirks and states he’ll think about it.

Present: Although only five minutes are left in the game, Hyuuga loudly tells everyone not to give up and continue to fight. Seeing Seirin’s spirit, Imayoshi thinks to himself that he knew Seirin wouldn’t give up—however, Aomine is still No.1. Passing the ball to Aomine, the latter scores with his Formless Shot against Kuroko and Kagami. Watching the play, Kasamatsu deduces that the Zone’s power has conquered Misdirection Overflow.

With the score now at 85-92 in favor of Tōō Academy, Kagami asks his teammates to let him stop Aomine.

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