First Point!!
Chapter 148
Chapter 148, Volume 17
Title First Point!!
Release date January 9, 2012
Anime episode Episode 46
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You Can't Compete With A Switchable Blade

First Point!! is the one hundred and forty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The two minute interval for both teams comes, and the Seirin team is frustrated because they cannot score against Yosen. Here, Riko tells them that Yosen's defensive range is impregnable. Kuroko then tells them something that shakes the team.

Momoi and an annoyed Aomine arrive to watch the match. Momoi is shocked that Seirin hasn't scored yet. The match continues, and Seirin is still overwhelmed by Yosen's defense, but Izuki manages to pass the ball to Kiyoshi who was going for the shot but Murasakibara out jumps him, making Kiyoshi pass the ball to Kagami. He is going for the dunk, but Murasakibara manages to block him. Expecting this, Kagami passes the ball to Kuroko.

Kuroko shot

Kuroko's Phantom Shot

Flashback: Kuroko tells his team that he's going to score for them; however, despite their protests, they agree to let him score for them. Himuro and Murasakibara both witness that Kuroko is about to shoot despite the latter's specialty, but they notice that his shooting form is different. Murasakibara goes for the block, but Aomine comments that even he can't block it since the ball disappears rigth in front him resulting in Seirin's first score against Yosen.

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