Game Over!!
Chapter 139
Chapter 139, Volume 16
Title Game Over!!
Taimu Appu!!
Release date October 24, 2011
Anime episode Episode 43
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Like I'd Lose
I'm Really Glad

Game Over!! is the one hundred and thirty-ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko makes his final pass, and Kagami takes the ball and is about to dunk on Aomine. During this, Aomine remembers Kuroko's words back at Teiko that one day someone with more amazing skills than Aomine will arrive to face him. Kagami dunks in front of Aomine, sealing Seirin's victory.

Kuroko and Aomine's first bump

Kuroko and Aomine reconcile

The match ends and Seirin wins; for the first time, Aomine lost in the game. Kuroko collapses due to his efforts to win, but he is assisted by Kagami to stand up. Here Aomine tells them about his loss, but Kagami insults him for thinking that it's over and says that he'll beat him anytime. Kuroko calls out to Aomine to bump fist with him once more. At first Aomine refuses to, but he accepts it only this time, and he tells Kuroko that he's going to win next year and finally bumps fists with him.

Everyone leaves, and Nakamiya South High is amazed by Seirin's victory against Tōō Academy. Meanwhile at Tōō's locker room, the third years announce their retirement to the team, and Imayoshi chooses Wakamatsu as the new captain. Wakamatsu reacts to this and protests that Aomine won't listen to him, but Imayoshi convinces him. Then he and Sakurai notice that Aomine is missing and Momoi is out looking for him. Meanwhile Aomine is outside lying on the ground; when Momoi finds him, Aomine asks if she can go shopping with him to buy new basketball shoes, so he can practice. She happily agrees only if he buys her some dinner, irritating Aomine. In Seirin's locker room, everyone falls asleep from the match and Riko suggests that they should wait for them for a while. Seirin finally moves to the next match.

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