He's Beside Himself With Joy
Chapter 123
Chapter 123, Volume 14
Title He's Beside Himself With Joy
Ureshikute Shoganai to Omoimasu
Anime episode Episode 40
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He's Beside Himself With Joy is the one hundredth and twenty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In the following plays, Kagami matches Aomine all the way. Tōō Academy is shocked by the sudden turn of events; Seirin, on the other hand, is elated that Kagami can keep up. Imayoshi, Midorima, and Kise all reach the same conclusion—Kagami has awakened animal instincts that can rival Aomine’s power. Tatsuya Himuro gently smiles, realizing Kagami went to see Alex. Aloud, he states that Kagami is always taking drastic steps; his words alert Murasakibara as he wonders what Himuro is talking about.

Flashback: Kagami is talking with his master, Alex, in America. She instructs him to participate in “gambling basketball”. Although Kagami protests, she insists that’s the only way to develop his animal instincts so he can survive against such monstrous players (referring to the people Kagami has to play street ball with).

On the court, Kagami’s awakening brings the score to 46-48 in favor of Tōō Academy. Trying to tie the score before the end of the 2nd quarter, Kagami suddenly tries to go for a formless shot and forcefully throws the ball toward the hoop. Enraged, Aomine jumps to block it, saying Kagami is a 100 years too early to do that. After the play, Hyuuga tells Kagami that he really does ridiculous things sometimes. Kagami answers that he felt like he could it, so he tried it. Aomine, however, is silent as he looks from Kagami to his bruised finger.

When the quarter ends, Aomine tells his team he will be back before the 3rd quarter begins. As Tōō Academy walks to their locker room, Wakamatsu states he knew Aomine would be depressed by his defeat. However, Imayoshi informs him that it’s the opposite—they will all see in the next half-Aomine’s true strength. Momoi agrees—she adds that right now, Aomine is overjoyed at finally finding a worthy opponent.

Meanwhile, Kuroko goes outside for some fresh air.

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