He's Beside Himself With Joy
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Episode 40
Episode 40
Title He's Beside Himself With Joy
Ureshikute Shoganai to Omoimasu
Air date January 18, 2014
Manga chapters Chapter 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 and 126
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He's Beside Himself With Joy (嬉しくてしょうがないと思います, Ureshikute Shoganai to Omoimasu) is the fortieth episode and the fifteenth episode of the 2nd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Kagami blocks Aomine (anime)

Kagami blocks Aomine

Timeout is over, and Kagami has gotten serious. Kagami's awakening of his real potential, due to him forgetting about his reliance on Kuroko, has enabled him to block Aomine from behind the back. Aomine gets to play a little bit faster, countering with a self alley-oop shot behind his back. Kagami, being able to keep up with Aomine's fast pace change, also managed to block Aomine's signature Formless Shot. He followed up with an attempt of his own Formless Shot, which missed but nearly into the hoop.

Kuroko vs. Imayoshi

Imayoshi marks Kuroko

First half ends with Seirin down by just 2 points, 46-48. Kuroko wants Kagami to give Aomine a chance to play with a smile again. Second half begins, and Kuroko enters the court, surprising many in the crowd. Aomine got faster again and managed to pass Kagami. However, Aomine got a foul for charging Kuroko. Kuroko then uses his Ignite Pass to Hyuga, managing to catch and hits a 3-pointer, taking the lead. However, Imayoshi fakes to pass for Wakamatsu to score. In the next possession, a change that leads to the surprise of many has been done: Imayoshi taking over to mark Kuroko. How will this change make an impact on the match?  

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • The scene with Kagami training with Alex was not shown
  • Kuroko's flashback about his first meeting with Aomine was cut down to three shots.