He's a Veteran
Chapter 27
Chapter 27, Volume 4
Title He's a Veteran
Hyakusen Renma da
Release date June 15, 2009
Anime episode Episode 11
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He's a Veteran is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kasuga is shocked by Kuroko’s pass, calling it an Ichirou laser beam (Suzuki Ichirou is Japan’s most famous basketball player). The next time Midorima gets the ball, he hesitates and doesn’t shoot. Kasamatsu comments that Midorima has been sealed because of Kuroko—the judgment and timing to use such a fantastic move and give Seirin a mental edge over Shutoku proves that Kuroko’s a true basketball veteran.

On the court, Takao thinks that he can’t allow the crowd to think that this is all it takes to shut them down. Nakatani orders Takao to mark Kuroko now. When Takao comes over to Kuroko, he states he had a feeling that they would face each other since Midorima and Kagami are doing the same. Since they are so much alike, Takao feels that that in a way he hates Kuroko. Kagami asks Midorima what he’s planning; no matter how fast Takao is, he can’t stop Kuroko. Midorima replies he’s fully aware of Kuroko’s abilities; Kagami will soon understand.

Kuroko tells Takao that this is the first time someone said this to him, but he has a similar feeling. Saying that, he disappears. Takao is shocked, but smiles, and in the next play he stops Kuroko’s pass. Everyone is shocked that Takao could do such a thing. Hyuuga thinks that it was by chance, but Izuki realizes that Takao must have an even greater ability than his own-the Hawk Eye.

Midorima tells Kagami that he shouldn’t lose focus and Shutoku won’t lose. A time out is called. Midorima warns Takao not to let his guard down; Kuroko won’t surrender so easily. He tells Takao that after this he’s going to start playing seriously. He adds that he dislikes Kuroko because he respects and acknowledges him; yet, he can’t understand why he would choose such a weak school like Seirin. At Seirin’s bench Kagami asks Riko to let him and Kuroko go on like this. He adds that he’s ready to challenge Midorima after the timeout.

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