He Has Not Given Up
Chapter 179
Chapter 179, Volume 20
Title He Has Not Given Up
Akiramete Imasen
Release date August 27, 2012
Anime episode Episode 55
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He Has Not Given Up is the one hundred and seventy-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin is shocked to see that Shutoku is losing by fourteen points. No matter what Midorima tries, he is unable to break free from Akashi. Even when Kimura tries to screen Akashi, Akashi just follows Midorima as if Kimura did not even do anything. When Midorima manages to get the ball, he desperately thinks that he can’t get into shooting position. Then Takao calls for the ball; Midorima fakes his pass, but Akashi sees through it and knocks the ball out of his hands.

Elsewhere, Aomine tells Momoi that Akashi has broken Midorima’s triple threat. He explains that that is possible because of Akashi’s Emperor Eye which renders everything useless.

Akashi dribbles down the court, and Miyaji and Kimura both face him, determined to stop him. Akashi haughtily replies that he will have them both stand aside. With a series of dribbles at lightning speed, he makes both of them fall to the floor. As he slowly dribbles past, he tells the astounded pair that his orders are absolute. Simultaneously, Murasakibara and Kise tell Himuro and Kaijo respectively the basics behind Akashi’s technique Ankle Break. Murasakibara remarks to a stunned Himuro that he can never imagine Akashi losing as long as he has his Emperor Eye. Even Kagami is flabbergasted by his power.

Jarred, Takao thinks that he will just attack on his own, and he goes for the shot. Suddenly, Reo Mibuchi knocks the ball away, angrily stating that it is wrong to forget about the rest of them. Nebuya passes forward to Akashi, and Midorima hastens to stop him, yelling the former’s name. Akashi admits that Midorima is strong; nevertheless, Akashi declares that he will still lose. Akashi claims that he is the one who made the Generation of Miracles subservient. Midorima is no exception—it is impossible for anyone of them to stand up to him. Crushing Midorima with Ankle Break, Akashi moves forward and scores bring the score to 51-71 in favor of Rakuzan.

Everyone is silent, and Takao softly offers Midorima a hand up. Unexpectedly, Miyaji hits Midorima on the back of his head. He angrily tells a startled Midorima to get up, or he will break his glasses. Kimura also tells them both not to forget Shutoku’s motto-Unyielding Tenacity. Otsubo adds that they have time—they shouldn’t give up, and they should play to win. Takao and Midorima then recall all the fun they had a members of Shutoku’s basketball team. They admit that they want to play more basketball with these teammates. Akashi watches astonished as Midorima gets up again. Kuroko asserts that the game is not over—Shutoku has not given up. Midorima and Takao then decide together to show Rakuzan their trump card.

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