He Hates to Lose
Chapter 118
Chapter 118, Volume 14
Title He Hates to Lose
Makezugirai Yakarana
Anime episode Episode 39
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He Hates to Lose is the one hundredth and eighteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Hyuuga recalls the training he did with Kagetora and how he created Barrier Jumper.

On the court, he scores twice in a row. Imayoshi smiles, thinking that Hyuuga picked up a really nasty trick. Nevertheless, Sakurai refuses to back down—aura raging, he is determined to defeat Hyuuga. As the play continues, Imayoshi comments on Sakurai—the stronger his opponent is, the more accurate his shots become. Furthermore, he hates to lose—that’s why he is one of Tōō Academy’s starting members. After Sakurai scores against a shocked Hyuuga, he tells Hyuuga he won’t lose before running back. Hyuuga tells Izuki to continue to pass to him; he is really annoyed by Sakurai’s behavior.

A shooting showdown between both teams’ shooters commences. Watching the play, Kasamatsu comments that both players can’t let up because of their respective teams’ prides. Towards the end of the first quarter, Seirin wonders if the quarter will end with Tōō in the lead. However, Kuroko gets the ball, uses Vanishing Drive against Susa, and passes to Hyuuga. He scores and ties the score at 22. After the play, Imayoshi asks Susa if it was just as Momoi said. Imayoshi smiles triumphantly, knowing they can now break Vanishing Drive.

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