Hell No!!
Chapter 51
Chapter 51, Volume 6
Title Hell No!!
Release date November 23, 2009
Anime episode Episode 18
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Hell No!! is the fifty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The fourth quarter begins. Aomine’s plays become even more erratic, making it impossible for Kagami to keep up. Suddenly Riko notices something and pulls Kagami out of the game. Although Kagami strenuously protests, Riko orders him to sit down and sends Tsuchida in. Her tone even surprises Tōō Academy’s players. Looking at Kagami, Riko can tell he’s been unconsciously shifting the weight off of his damaged leg and putting more pressure on his other leg. She realizes she won’t be able to use him for the rest of the tournament. Wakamatsu notices Kagami seething on Seirin’s bench. He’s shocked by Kagami’s behavior because people usually give up in front of Aomine. Kagami, however, looks like he’s ready to kill someone.

Slowly, Seirin starts losing ground against Tōō Academy; they are too tired and lack the stamina to keep up. Finally, Aomine faces Kuroko and tells him he’s won—Kuroko’s basketball couldn’t defeat him. Exhausted, Kuroko replies that even if the possibility of his victory may be zero, he won’t give up. His words shock Aomine and encourage Seirin to keep fighting until the end. Everyone on the bench also cheers for them. However, Seirin still loses; the final score is Tōō Academy 112-Seirin 55.

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