Helluva Lot Stronger
Chapter 15
Chapter 15, Your Basketball
Title Helluva Lot Stronger
Danzen Tsuee wa
Release date March 30, 2009
Anime episode Episode 7
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Helluva Lot Stronger is the fifteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko Kagami Combination

Kuroko and Kagami combination play

After Kuroko's misdirection against Papa, Papa is unable to explain where Kuroko came from. Kuroko remembers what Riko said-- they need at least a 10-point lead at the end of the first quarter. Kuroko continuously uses his misdirection against Shinkyō and alley-oops to Kagami. Shinkyō didn't expect Seirin to be that strong, and they have trouble dealing with them. The first quarter ends with the score of 8 ‒ 23 now in favor of Seirin.

During the break, Riko subs out Kuroko to preserve his strength; Seirin's only trouble is Papa, so they will count on Kagami to stop him. Shinkyō's coach gets angry because he sees his team is not playing seriously. The match continues, and as Papa dunks the ball, Hyūga notices that Papa got even higher. Papa proclaims to Kagami he's serious now and definitely won't lose. Kagami replies that he couldn't ask for anything else; he is getting fired up as well. The score is 12 ‒ 24 still in favor of Seirin.

Kagami blocks Dad

Kagami blocks Dad

Hyūga makes a shot, but it is short. Kagami gets the rebound, making Papa lose to Kagami in height now and scores. Tanimura passes the ball to Papa and goes for a jump shot, but he notices that Kagami is able to reach the ball; therefore, he passes it. Once again, Papa makes another jump shot, and he notices that Kagami's jumps keep getting higher and higher. The score is 33 ‒ 45 still in favor of Seirin. Saying he's better now than they fought Kise, Kuroko remembers what Kise said about Kagami reacheing the level of the Generation of Miracles. Tanimura makes a 3 pointer and the score is 50 ‒ 61 still in favor of Seirin. Riko subs in Kuroko, and he continues to use his misdirection. Papa gets the ball going for a jump shot, but Kagami manages to block and the match ends with a score of 67 ‒ 74 with Seirin's victory.

Midorima and Takao are talking about the exchange student and Takao hopes for Seirin to keep winning. After the match, Papa approaches Kagami and Kuroko. He says that they have to keep winning for his sake, but bursts into rage after, yelling that there's no way he'd say that. He challenges them, stating that he'll win next time.

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