However Many Times is the thirtieth volume of the Kuroko no Basuke manga series.


After being defeated by Kuroko and Kagami’s teamwork, Akashi’s flawed self breaks. This allows the real Akashi to return (both of his eyes are bright red once again). He acknowledges Kuroko’s efforts, but he insists that Rakuzan won’t lose. Proving his strength, Akashi helps his entire team enter the Zone. However, Kagami is able to open the second door to the Zone. There Kagami meets the gatekeeper-Kuroko-as well as the rest of the team. Because of this, Seirin is able to unite completely as one, and they close the point gap. This is the power of Kuroko’s basketball. In the last seconds, Kuroko gets the ball. Determined to stop him, Akashi jumps to block him. However, Kuroko states that he’s a shadow—Kagami is the light who will score. After Seirin wins the Winter Cup, Akashi tells Kuroko he’d like to play again. Overjoyed by his return, Kuroko tells him he’ll play as many times as he likes. In the final scene, a photo in Kuroko’s locker shows the Generation of Miracles, Momoi, and Kuroko are friends once again.


Major story events



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