I'll Be Back Soon
Chapter 99
Chapter 99, Volume 11
Title I'll Be Back Soon
Sugu Modoru
Anime episode Episode 33
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I'll Be Back Soon is the ninety-ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Izuki comments that Hanamiya is the same as Kiyoshi, one of the Uncrowned Kings. Hyuuga wonders why they are sending him in now. Izuki replies he doesn’t know, but he hasn’t heard good things about Hanamiya.

On the court, Hanamiya looks at Kiyoshi’s knee thoughtfully. After he scores, he cheers on his team, saying they can win as long as they don’t give up. In the next play, Koganei shoots, but he doesn’t score. Kiyoshi jumps for the rebound; simultaneously, Hanamiya snaps his fingers. The player who is marking Kiyoshi injures his knee, and he falls to the floor, crying out in agony. As Kiyoshi’s teammates rush to him, Hanamiya innocently wonders what happened. Hyuuga grabs his jersey, accusing him of ordering that player to be late on the rebound through some kind of signal. Hanamiya feigns ignorance and adds that Hyuuga has no proof. Although Hyuuga is seething, Kiyoshi tells him to stop; he’s all right, and he’ll be back soon.

Hyuuga decides they’ll win, and Seirin does 84-83. Hanamiya states that Kirisaki Dai Ichi tried, but they couldn’t do it—Hyuuga’s lucky nothing happened to him. Provoked, Hyuuga is about to react when Izuki stops him, saying they should go to see Kiyoshi in the hospital.

In the hospital, they tell Kiyoshi they won, but they are more concerned about his condition. He laughs lightly, saying it’s only a sprain, and they don’t need to worry. Once everyone’s gone, though, Hyuuga returns. He tells Kiyoshi he knows that Kiyoshi would never abandon a game over a sprained knee. Plus, he shouldn’t hide things from his captain. Kiyoshi then tells him that through rehabilitation only, he’ll be able to play basketball with him for one year. Outside, Riko is stunned when she hears this. Hyuuga, however, replies that it’s decided—next year they will be No. 1 in Japan, and he’ll wait for Kiyoshi’s return. Kiyoshi replies crying that he’ll be back soon.

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