I'll Be Disappointed
Chapter 116
Chapter 116, Volume 13
Title I'll Be Disappointed
Shingai desu
Anime episode Episode 39
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I'll Be Disappointed is the one hundredth and sixteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Riko thinks to herself that Kuroko should show everyone what he has accomplished.

On the court, Aomine faces Kuroko. Seeing Kuroko prepare for a pass, Aomine is surprised that Kuroko is going to use this technique right in front of him without any misdirection. Aomine holds out his hand to block it; however, as Kuroko’s pass blasts forth, Aomine’s hand is forcefully knocked away, shocking him. Kiyoshi catches the ball and jumps to dunk the ball in. Simultaneously, Wakamatsu jumps and blocks his shot. Therefore, Kiyoshi uses his Right of Postponement and passes back to Kagami who dunks it in. The crowd roars as they exclaim at Seirin’s immediate return of Tōō’s previous alley-oop. Kise thinks that this is his first time seeing Kuroko’s technique. Murasakibara also notes that it’s penetrating force was strong enough to knock “Mine-chin’s” hand away. Midorima also explains Kuroko’s technique to Takao.

On the court, Aomine looks at his hand—aloud he tells Kuroko he understands what happened. He adds that Tetsu has become more interesting. Kuroko responds that if he hadn’t, it would have been disappointing.

Imayoshi slowly dribbles the ball. He tells Seirin there is no need to be hasty—they just started the game. He tactfully passes to Susa, who easily scores because Kuroko (who is his mark) is too short to stop him. Watching the play, Kagetora notes Imayoshi’s sharp intellect.

In the next play, Kiyoshi deals with Wakamatsu; he thinks that Wakamatsu’s strength is on par with Kagami’s, but he is so noisy. Watching the game, Kasamatsu comments that there is a definite gap in strength between the two teams. At this moment, Kagami faces Aomine. Imayoshi thinks that Kagami better be ready; he is facing the “Demon Gate”. Watching Kagami, Kagetora thinks to himself that Kagami is shouldering the fate of the entire team at this moment.

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