I'll Definitely Beat You is the one hundredth and first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko successfully uses his Vanishing Drive on Yamazaki and then passes the ball to Kiyoshi. Aomine and the Tōō Academy team are surprised by Kuroko's new move.

Kirisaki Dai Ichi are now on offense. Hyuuga marks Furuhashi; the latter provokes Hyuga with his "Dead Fish" eyes coupled with telling him to "loosen up". Furuhashi passes Hyuuga. Although he tries to chase him, Hyuuga is forcefully screened by Hara (rough screening will result a foul). However, the referee doesn't see this; nonetheless, Furuhashi misses his shot because he "loosened too much".

Kagami is about to rebound until he notices that Hara is pinning his foot down. Since this is in the referee's blind spot, Hara is able to successfully rebound. He then attempts to injure Kagami by swinging his elbow out as he comes down from the rebound, but Kagami narrowly dodges it. Hara scores then and "apologizes" to Kagami, causing the latter to lose his cool.

Meanwhile at the Serin bench, they are shocked when they read about the last team who played against Kirisaki Dai Ichi-- all of the players especially their ace had suffered injuries.

Furuhashi takes the rebound and attempts to injure Hyuuga, but Kiyoshi saves him and tells him to play fairly. Furuhashi retorts that they are "playing fairly". Hanamiya passes Izuki with ease and scores. Then he taunts Kiyoshi that they almost injured Hyuuga. Kiyoshi, however, tells him that he won't allow him to hurt his teammates and declares that he'll definitely beat him.

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