I'll Move Them Back!
Chapter 155
Chapter 155, Volume 18
Title I'll Move Them Back!
Hineri Tsubushiteyaruyo
Release date February 27, 2012
Anime episode Episode 47
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I'll Move Them Back! is the one hundred and fifty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Because of Kiyoshi's collapse, the referee immediately calls a time out. All of Seirin’s members are concerned about Kiyoshi’s health, but he assures them that he is all right—the score is 37-30, and he doesn’t want to interrupt this flow. Riko reluctantly allows him to continue playing.

When the game resumes, Hyuuga thinks that he knew Kiyoshi wouldn’t stop no mater what he said; therefore, the least he can do is take some of the defensive pressure off of him. He suddenly intercepts a pass from Fukui to Himuro, and Kiyoshi catches the loose ball. When he is triple-teamed again, he passes to Izuki. Kagami, Mitobe, and Izuki then all attack Murasakibara simultaneously. He declares that no matter how many of them there are, he will stop all of them at once.

Izuki then unexpectedly passes the ball back to Kiyoshi. Looking at him, Murasakibara notes that his form and rhythm are off; as a result, he won’t be able to score. As Kiyoshi shoots, Murasakibara notes that Mitobe is using all of his power to stop him from moving. Kagami jumps up and forcefully dunks the ball in. Afterwards, he shares a loud high five with Kiyoshi. Seirin also joyously cheers on their team members.

Meanwhile, from the upper balcony, Aomine is silently observing Murasakibara. On the court, Murasakibara recalls Kiyoshi’s words. With an immensely raging aura, he moves forward, announcing that he’s sick and tired of watching them struggle—he’ll teach Seirin how cruel basketball really is. He will crush all of their determination, hard work, and faith. Unable to even move, Seirin watches horrified as Murasakibara moves into an offensive position.

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