I'll Protect It
Chapter 147
Chapter 147, Volume 17
Title I'll Protect It
Orega Mamoru
Release date December 19, 2011
Anime episode Episode 46
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I'll Protect It is the one hundred and forty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Marked by Izuki, Fukui is forced to shoot. Kagami and Kiyoshi both jump for the rebound, but they lose to Yosen’s two centers who also score. Hyuuga can’t believe that Kiyoshi and Kagami lost an offensive rebound. Kuroko uses his Cyclone Pass to get the ball immediately to Izuki. Izuki thinks that they will just have to outscore Yosen. However, Izuki suddenly sees Murasakibara in front of him and wonders how he got here so fast. Coach Masako Araki thinks that she doesn’t like players who won’t run, but she made an exception for Murasakibara and his perfect defense.

On the court, Izuki passes back to Hyuuga. He shoots, but his shot is easily blocked by Murasakibara. On Seirin’s bench, Riko realizes Yosen’s defense is too strong. In the upper balcony, Alex thinks that 50% of shots taken are missed—that is why rebounds are so important. However, because Yosen’s players are so tall, it’s impossible for Seirin to keep up. On the court, Kagami manages to block Himuro’s shot.

In the next play, Okamura and Liu surround Kiyoshi. He recalls the training he did with Kagetora to strengthen his arms and wrists. Kagetora taught him that catching things like rocks would greatly help him improve. When Kiyoshi commented how hard it was, Kagetora retorted that he was the one who promised that he would do whatever he could to help the team.

Presently, Kiyoshi thinks that he will defend Seirin’s hoop, and he unveils his new technique-Vice Claw.

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