I'll Say I'm His Big Brother?
Chapter 76
Chapter 76, Volume 9
Title I'll Say I'm His Big Brother?
Aniki kana
Anime episode Episode 26
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I'll Say I'm His Big Brother? is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Both Tatsuya Himuro and Kagami speak to each other in English. Tatsuya states that he’s shocked to see Kagami here; Kagami retorts that he doesn’t look surprised at all. Tatsuya responds lightly that his expression is always like this. When Kiyoshi speaks to Himuro in halting English, Himuro promptly switches to Japanese. He explains that he’s Taiga’s older brother.

Kagami remembers his past. When he was in the third grade, his parents moved to Los Angeles for work. He had trouble making friends, and he wasn’t really good at any sport. One day, a young boy (Tatsuya) called out to him. They were short a player, and Tatsuya invited Taiga to play with them. After that, Tatsuya and Taiga continued to play together. Tatsuya taught Taiga all of basketball’s fundamentals, and Taiga gradually improved. Tatsuya told him that his heart should be on fire, but his head should be calm and collected. One day, they got matching rings to commemorate their friendship and brotherhood. Since it would be difficult to play basketball with them, they agreed to put the rings on chains and wear them around their necks.

In middle school, Tatsuya and Taiga continued to play streetball together. Since they were on opposite teams, they had alternating wins and losses. One day, when the score was 49-49, Tatsuya said he couldn’t bear it if he lost to Taiga—he didn’t want to be an older brother who lost to his younger brother. His words surprised and confused Taiga.

At the game the next day, Kagami noticed that Tatsuya’s movements were irregular. He suddenly saw his bandaged arm; when Kagami had to score the winning shot, he intentionally missed. After the game, Tatsuya punched Kagami, angrily telling Kagami he told him not to hold back. Kagami insisted that he didn’t want their relationship to change. Insulted and infuriated, Tatsuya Himuro bet their ring on the next game, shocking Kagami. Tatsuya told Kagami not to run away any more. However, Kagami states that he soon returned to Japan after that; they never had a chance to settle the score.

Simultaneously, a young, tall boy comments on the flavor of the sweets, wishing it had a little more “punch”. He is also looking for someone.

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