I'll Take This For Now
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Episode 54
Episode 54
Title I'll Take This For Now
Air date January 31, 2015
Manga chapters 174, 175, and 176
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I'll Take This For Now (もらっとくわ, Morattokuwa) is the fifty-fourth episode and the fourth episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Aomine greets Kagami

Aomine greets Kagami

The final four of Winter Cup has finally been decided: Rakuzan, Shutoku, Seirin, and Kaijo. However, on the day of the semi-finals, Kuroko and Kagami both realized their basketball shoes were broken and hurriedly get on their way to buy new shoes. However, Kagami can't find shoes in his size! Thanks to Kuroko's suggestion, they seek advice from Momoi, and her reply is that he should use Aomine's shoes, as they both have the same shoe size. Of course, Aomine wasn't going to meekly hand a pair over, and they end up in a one-on-one with the shoes as the prize! Daiki quickly won but still offered the shoes to Kagami. Taiga grudgingly accepts and says that he'll take it for now but their competition isn't over yet.

Taiga and Tetsuya rushed to watch the first semi-final match of the Winter Cup: Rakuzan Vs. Shutoku. The problem Shutoku has yet to encounter is that Rakuzan has not only acquired Akashi from the Generation of Miracles but also has three of the Five Uncrowned Kings on their starting lineup. The true powers of Rakuzan, which allowed them to create the strongest lineup in their history, is about to come into the open!

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • When Kagami was talking to the coach on the phone, she is doing her buttons while in the manga, she is zipping her skirt.
  • Kuroko and Kagami looking for shoes is extended in the anime, but not in the manga.
  • Kagami and Aomine have a match is shown, which is excluded in the manga.
  • The flashback when Akashi and Midorima were playing shogi is extended slightly with the addition of seeing the clubroom.
  • The match was extended.
  • The meeting with the uncrowned kings are extended.
  • Kotarō's dribbling is shown to send out shock waves.