I'll Teach You
Chapter 175
Chapter 175, Volume 20
Title I'll Teach You
Oshiete Yaru
Release date July 23, 2012
Anime episode Episode 54
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I'll Teach You is the one hundred and seventy-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In Shutoku’s locker room, Midorima recalls a shogi game he played with Akashi. Since Akashi claimed he had never lost, he never knew what defeat tasted like. Midorima first asked if Akashi was being sarcastic. Akashi assured him that he was just stating the facts. Midorima promised that one day he would teach Akashi the true meaning of defeat—then observing his impending defeat, he resigned from the shogi game.

Presently, while Midorima holds today’s lucky item (a bishop shogi piece), the team exchanges some light banter and then heads out. On the court, the “Emperors” Rakuzan observe the “King of Veterans” Shutoku and also relay some light conversation. Akashi speaks up that they are strong; therefore, he will be starting in this game. Looking at Akashi, Takao comments that he doesn’t have much presence. However, Miyaji corrects him, stating that although he is the youngest, everyone is following respectfully—that is how much they unquestionably acknowledge his skills and strength.

Murasakibara arrives at the arena along with Tatsuya Himuro, and he tells Himuro that he could have come alone. Himuro immediately offers him some potato chips, and Murasakibara accepts them quietly. As he eats, Himuro asks Murasakibara who he thinks will win. Murasakibara answers that Midorima and Akashi both played shogi together a lot during breaks, but he asserts that he has never seen Akashi lose at shogi—he can’t even imagine him losing.

On the court, Midorima and Akashi address each other; Midorima voices that today he will win. Akashi responds lightly that that is impossible since Midorima has never once even beaten him at shogi—since he always wins, he is always right. Midorima replies that shogi and basketball are different. Akashi declares that they are the same.

When the game begins, the crowd cheers wildly, and Seirin can even hear the noise from their locker room. Midorima immediately gets the ball from Takao and proclaims Akashi shouldn’t make him laugh—how can he know everything when he has never suffered loss. After saying these words, Midorima scores his first three of the game. Midorima then adds that as promised, he will teach Akashi about defeat.

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