I'll Win!! is the one hundred and thirty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami vs Aomine

Aomine and Kagami face off while in the Zone

Aomine and Kagami start their showdown here. Kagami passes Aomine and is about to score only to be blocked by the latter. Sakurai gets the ball and passes it to Aomine, but Kagami marks him. Nevertheless, Aomine passes him, but Kagami manages to block his Formless Shot. As a result, the ball nearly hits the cameraman. The spectators are amazed as non of the team has scored yet. Then Midorima explains the properties of the Zone to his teammates.

Suddenly Kagami not only passes Aomine with ease, but he manages to score. Imayoshi realizes that Aomine had reached his time limit while in the Zone. An irritated Aomine is about to shoot with his Formless Shot, but Kagami blocks it, giving Seirin a chance to score.

Characters in order of appearance

Matches featured

Techniques used


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