I'm Gonna Take a Look
Chapter 18
Chapter 18, Volume 3
Title I'm Gonna Take a Look
Chotto Misete Moraouze
Release date April 20, 2009
Anime episode Episode 8
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I'm Gonna Take a Look is the eighteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin exhausted

Seirin feels exhausted

The match starts between Seirin vs Hakuryō. As Izuki dribbles the ball, he suddenly collapses because he gets a cramp, and the team calls for a timeout. Riko subs out Izuki, but he insists that he's fine. The match continues and the Seirin team is exhausted knowing that having two matches in a day. Hyūga screams--he knows that his team is tired and he lends them some words to have strength to fight until the end. Kuroko uses his misdirection and passes the ball to Koga. The ball misses to shoot inside the ring and Kagami is there to assist and dunks the ball. The match ends with a score of 89 - 87 in favor of Seirin, and they get qualified for the semi-finals of the Interhigh preliminaries.

Seihou's defense

Seihou's defensive style

Back in school, Kuroko notices that Kagami is eating very well, and Kagami says that it's only natural to get hungry after having two matches in a day. They are called by Riko to carry a heavy box, and Kagami complains because of the muscle pain. The box contains DVDS from the matches last year and this year; they are going to review them knowing they will fight the two out of Three Kings of Tokyo in a day.

Inside Shūtoku High, Takao has a DVD of Seihō High and wants Midorima to watch it. Although Midorima says that he's not interested, Takao still convinces Midorima to watch since it is likely they are going to face them in the final.

Inside the Seirin's Boy Basketball locker room, Kagami forgets his towel, and he is shocked when Kuroko suddenly appears, saying that he also forgot something. They both notice the DVD containing the match of Seihō High vs Kitawada High. Kuroko and Kagami view the match; simultaneously, Midorima and Takao do the same. After watching it, they conclude why Seihō is called as the King due to their strong defense and unique fighting styles. Kuroko claims that he knows the Seihō player with a shaved hair in the head. They played against him back in the middle school with Kise and because of him, Kise did not score at least 20 points. Also Midorima says that even he doesn't want to face that guy because of his high level of defense. After they view the match, it end with a score of 71 - 12 in favor of Seihō High.

Takao underestimates Seirin because of Seihō's defense. The rest of the Seirin team also view the match of Seihō, and Izuki also says that their next opponent will be tough. Riko says to make it clear-- 9 matches will be lost if they get defeated by either Seihō or Shutoku. Hyūga shows up saying that he has a plan.

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