I'm In Your Debt
Chapter 133
Chapter 133, Volume 15
Title I'm In Your Debt
Anime episode Episode 42
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I'm In Your Debt is the one hundredth and thirty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Hyuuga roars loudly, telling his team not to pull back. With the score at 80-86 in favor of Tōō Academy, Seirin uses the Zone press defense against them. Watching, Kise can’t believe it, but Kasamatsu states that this is the perfect time to use this technique—Seirin can smell the moment of victory.

On the court, Kuroko intercepts a pass and passes to Hyuuga. As Hyuuga is about to shoot, Sakurai accidentally pushes him. Seirin is ecstatic as they are granted 3 free throws. Sakurai is downcast, but Imayoshi tells him to shrug it off. Aomine then comes up to Sakurai. Although Sakurai apologizes, Aomine tells him it was good timing—he should now focus on getting the rebound. When Hyuuga shoots, Kagami and Kuroko both notice that Aomine is not in position along with the rest of his team.

Aomine Zone

Aomine enters the Zone

As Aomine breathes in, he recalls how he can’t remember how long he has been bored while playing games—all he ever wanted was an opponent against whom he could play his best. As he exhales out, he tells Kuroko he’s grateful to him. When the game resumes, Aomine easily moves past Kagami and scores. Everyone is shocked and startled by what’s happening—they have never seen Aomine like this.

Definition: The Zone is an exclusive realm reserved for athletes who have trained relentlessly in the sport they love. It doesn’t open for everyone, and it opens unpredictably. However, Aomine’s senses almost mockingly opened its doors on his own to receive its power.

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