I'm Just Going at Full Strength
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Episode 51
Episode 51
Title I'm Just Going at Full Strength
Zen ryoku de yatteru dakenande
Air date January 10, 2015
Manga chapters Chapter 169 and 170
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I'm Just Going at Full Strength (全力でやってるだけなんで, Zen ryoku de yatteru dakenande) is the fifty-first episode and the first episode of the 3rd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


After defeating Yōsen, Seirin is interviewed for Basketball Monthly. After the interview Kagami heads outside to visit his old friend, Himuro, and Alex, but instead of being able to resolve their differences he runs into Haizaki of Fukuda Sōgō Academy. When Kagami arrives, he sees Haizaki gripping Alex from the throat, and stops him. Haizaki tries to punch Kagami, and Kagami tries hitting him back, but Himuro stops him saying that violence is not the solution, and that if he fights, Kagami will be disqualified to play.

Kise faces Haizaki

Kise faces Haizaki

Haizaki was about to strike again, but before he can act Ryōta Kise arrives on the scene and reveals that Haizaki was a starter on the Generation of Miracles team before he took his place. Kagami heads back in to ask Kuroko about this news only to find out the final quarterfinal will feature a showdown between Kise and Haizaki, with the winner moving on to face Seirin in the semifinals.

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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, there is no interview.
  • In the manga, there are no flashbacks regarding the matches.
  • In the anime, Haizaki's appearance is extended while in the manga, it was shortened.
  • At the same time during the interview, Midorima and Takao were talking to each other.
  • Rakuzan also made their appearance although their faces aren't shown.