I'm Off
Chapter 8
Chapter 8, Your Basketball
Title I'm Off
Release date February 9, 2009
Anime episode Episode 4
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I'm Off is the eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko steals the ball off Kise

"We're taking it!"

Having thought out a plan, Kuroko is suddenly guarding Kise. The people in the stands are shocked at this matchup since it's obvious that Kuroko is no match for Kise. Kise says that he never imagined that they would face each other like this and Kuroko agrees. Kise gets ready and dashes past Kuroko, saying that it's impossible for Kuroko to stop him. Kagami suddenly steps in, slowing Kise down. While Riko says to herself that they're "taking it", Kuroko taps the ball from the back, out of Kise's hands. Kagami states that they won't let him through, but Kise chooses the option of shooting three-pointers instead, saying that there won't be a need for him to break through. But he is shocked to find out that even his shots are covered, as Kagami jumps before him and blocks the shot. Kise realizes that Kuroko is taking care of the ground while Kagami covers the air, basically limiting Kise's fire power. As he watches this, Kasamatsu worries about Seirin's efficiency.

Hyuga shoots vs Kaijo

Hyūga starts his three-point spree

Seirin goes for a fast-break and Kise rushes back, swinging his arm backward. Because of Kuroko's misdirection, Kise did not notice Kuroko standing there and accidentally hits him on the head. Blood flows over Kuroko's eye and a medic is called. Kuroko tries to go on, but he fails and falls to the ground. Kuroko is carried to the bench and both teams realize that the point difference will only grow from here on out and not in Seirin's advantage. Riko tells Hyuuga to enter his clutch time and to lead the second-years in offense. She orders Kagami to mainly take care of the defense. Kagami protests, but Hyūga rudely tells him to shut up and Kagami does so. Hyūga goes on with his trash-talking and Izuki notifies Kagami about Hyūga's clutch time which improves his shooting. Koga gives Hyūga a screen, so that Izuki can send a pass to an open Hyūga. He shoots and while Mitobe screens his opponent out, the ball goes in.

Kuroko wakes up

Kuroko enters the fray again

Riko then introduces the second year players: starting with Hyūga, the shooting guard with the dual personality; Izuki, the calm and composed control tower who loves puns; Mitobe, the silent unsung hero; and Koganei, the jack of all trades, master of none. The second-years go on with their offense while Kagami guards Kise, but the point difference isn't shrinking and without Kuroko, Seirin has little to no chance of winning this. Riko understands this too, but she does not know what to do about it. Suddenly, Kuroko lifts himself, still dizzy from the accident, and says that he will go out again.

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