I'm Serious
Chapter 3
Chapter 3, Volume 1
Title I'm Serious
Honki desu
Release date December 22, 2008
Anime episode Episode 2
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Monday, 8:40 on the Rooftop
He Might Not Be Normal

I'm Serious is the third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Everyone is practicing and amazed by Kagami's skills. Riko then announces a practice match against Kaijō High. Suddenly the noises increase as Kise himself comes to Seirin. During his and Kuroko's reunion, Kagami suddenly challenges him. Kise accepts the challenge and amazes everyone with his copying ability in an one-on-one against Kagami, easily overpowering him and scoring. He then requests Kuroko to come to his school and play with him, but Kuroko refuses claiming that he has promised someone to help defeat the Generation of Miracles.

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