I'm Tired of Waiting
Chapter 108
Chapter 108, Volume 12
Title I'm Tired of Waiting
Anime episode Episode 36
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I'm Tired of Waiting is the one hundredth and eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin celebrates their victory whereas Kirisaki Dai Ichi is astounded by their defeat. Although Hyuuga is embarrassed, he shares a “high five” with Kiyoshi. Hanamiya then faces Kiyoshi. He tells Seirin he lost, and he apologizes to Kiyoshi. His expression suddenly changes—enraged, he yells that there’s no way he would say that. They are the first ones to destroy his plans so badly. He’ll make sure they regret it for the rest of their lives. Next time, he will crush them. Hearing this, Kiyoshi tells Hanamiya that his last shot was really amazing—he smiles and hopes they can play again some time. At a complete loss for words, Hanamiya curses loudly.

After the game, Aomine tells Satsuki he’s leaving, Momoi tells him that they have to see Shutoku’s game as well. Aomine replies that Midorima isn’t going to lose. He adds that everyone is taking too much time, and he’s tired of waiting.

On Shutoku’s court, Midorima hears the crowd and thinks that Kuroko has won. Shutoku also defeats Senshinkan 112-81. Because of the special bracket, all of the Generation of Miracles will be participating in this year’s Winter Cup. It will be an all out battle among Midorima, Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, and Akashi.

After the game, Seirin is ready to leave, but once again Kuroko is missing. Kagami goes to look for him. On the court outside, Kuroko is dribbling the ball when Kagami finds him. Kuroko explains that he just can’t sit still since it’s been decided that they are going to the Winter Cup. Kagami agrees wholeheartedly and starts playing with him. Hyuuga suddenly arrives and kicks Kagami, asking him why he’s playing one-on-one with him right now. Kiyoshi states that it’s better than being scared. Hyuuga announces to the whole team that this is just the beginning—they will defeat everyone and become No.1 in Japan.

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