I'm a Leo
Chapter 30
Chapter 30, Volume 4
Title I'm a Leo
Shishiza dayo
Release date July 6, 2009
Anime episode Episode 12
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That Ain't All, Is It?
I've Gotta Win!

I'm a Leo is the thirtieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The first half is over. The score is Seirin 27; Shutoku has 45. Kise wants Seirin to show more spirit; Kasamatsu replies that they are in the face of such overwhelming odds. Tsugawa comments desperately that if Seirin loses, everyone will think that they (Seiho) are losers. His senpais comment that Midorima’s addition to the team has completely changed Shutoku, and it’s doubtful that even they could have beaten Shutoku now. Oh-Asa’s horoscope is playing—it’s a bad day for Aquarians.

In their locker room, Nakatani orders Shutoku not to yield because Seirin hasn’t given up yet. Takao notes Midorima’s extraordinary nail care habits, thinking that this is how obsessed he is with victory. Kimura bumps into Midorima’s lucky item, wondering why it’s so big and always in the way. Miyagi suggests that they break it. Seirin’s locker room is quiet. At a loss for words, Hyuuga asks Riko not to say anything stupid just to try and cheer them up. No one can come up with a good game plan. Kuroko studies a video someone made of Takao. He claims he’s trying to come up with something. He states he has thought about winning, but he has never wondered if he can win or not. He adds that it’s possible that if they even lose by 100 points, a meteor could strike their opponent’s bench in the last second, and they’ll end up winning. Hyuuga yells that that will never happen.

When the game resumes, Kuroko is benched. Midorima feels that Seirin hasn’t given up, and Kagami’s aura feels strange. When Midorima gets the ball and shoots, Kagami jumps to try and stop him. He realizes he has to get higher. In the next play, Takao thinks to himself that Kagami is not marking Midorima closely enough. When Kagami goes up against Midorima again, he recalls Kuroko’s words. He feels if Kuroko gives everything he’s got and doesn’t win, he accepts the loss. However, Kagami doesn’t feel this way. Facing strong opponents excites him, but in the end he wants to win. As he blocks Midorima, he almost gets him because the ball doesn’t sink immediately but wobbles around the rim before going in. Midorima is shocked by what happened, and he asks Kagami what his sign is. Kagami says Leo (Oh-Asa warned that Cancers should be wary of Leos today). Midorima comments quietly that that horoscope is always right.

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