I've Been Waiting
Chapter 89
Chapter 89, Volume 10
Title I've Been Waiting
Anime episode Episode 30
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I've Been Waiting is the eighty-ninth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On their respective benches, both teams determine that the second half will be a point war. When the third quarter begins the score is 45-43 in favor of Seirin. However, once the game starts, Seirin is at a disadvantage. Since Shutoku has studied all of Seirin’s plays, they know what to expect and easily intercept passes. Moreover, Kagami has almost reached his limit. Midorima states that now he can’t stop him.

Watching Midorima play, Momoi remarks that he’s changed—so has Ki-chan. Kise tells Momoi that Midorima hasn’t changed—rather he has been changed, probably by Kuroko. Kise adds that he now has stopped thinking that replying on others is a weakness. Momoi smiles after she hears this.

Everyone on Seirin’s bench can’t believe their team has become weaker simply because of Midorima’s change. Hearing Seirin’s words, Takao wonders if Midorima has changed. He thinks that they really are not friends; however, everyone acknowledges his skills. He knows once the game is over, Midorima will return to the gym and quietly start his shooting practice. When everyone sees him working so hard, it’s impossible to hate him, even though he’s weird and annoying. Furthermore, sometimes, when they are playing together, he’ll see Midorima smile. Takao realizes that Kuroko is the one who has changed Midorima.

Nearing the end of the third quarter, Kuroko tells Riko he’s ready to go. When he steps onto the court, Midorima and Takao both acknowledge him. Takao adds that they have been waiting for him.

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