I've Come
Chapter 38
Chapter 38, Volume 5
Title I've Come
Release date August 31, 2009
Anime episode Episode 14
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I've Come is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The new arc starts. Kagami is forbidden from practicing because his legs still haven’t completely healed yet. However, Riko concludes that they should be fine before they have to play their first official match. When the team is training Riko’s father’s gym’s pool, they meet Satsuki Momoi. She tells them she’s here to see her boyfriend, Tetsuya Kuroko. When the other boys ask her why she likes him, she gives them two reasons. First, she loves the way he becomes cool and reliable during games. Secondly, he gave her a prize winning ice. All the boys are shocked at her exclamations, and Kuroko asks her not to make so much noise. Riko can’t believe that everyone, including Hyuuga, is fawning over her. Angry about his reactiong, Riko hits him. Satsuki tells her not to otherwise Hyuuga-san will die. Hyuuga is surprised she knew his name. She reveals she knows everyone and their special abilities. Kuroko suddenly interrupts her, asking her if she really went to the same school as Aomine. She answers she had no choice—who knows what Aomine will do if she’s not watching him.

Kagami can’t bear sitting around and doing anything, so he decides to practice. A voice calls out that he’s really here—Satsuki’s information network is incredible. When Kagami asks him who he is, he replies he’s Aomine, Daiki.

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