I've Forgotten
Chapter 220
Chapter 220
Title I've Forgotten
Wasure Chimatta
Release date July 1, 2013
Anime episode Episode 65
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I've Forgotten is the two hundred and twentieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In a match, Murasakibara dunks over two players, but Akashi later tells him to pass the ball to increase the chances of scoring. Murasakibara disregards Akashi's orders, leaving Momoi and Kuroko anxious.

After the match, Kuroko discusses with Momoi Murasakibara's rapid growth, warning Momoi that the same scenario would happen to Murasakibara's mentality, similar to Aomine's drastic personality change, leaving Momoi worried. Momoi asks Kuroko if everyone will still be able to play basketball together as a team. Kuroko reassures her that they always will forever.

Meanwhile, Akashi's father makes a cameo appearance as he is talking to Akashi regarding the situation at Teikō. He reminds Akashi that his family only accepts omnipotent prowess, meaning in terms for Akashi, maintaining high standards in studies and sports at the same time.

The next day, Aomine is seen doing a one-on-one again with the same person previously, beating him again. Aomine snaps at him for being weak and loses his temper as he storms out of school. Sanada eventually catches up with him outside school and allows him to play truancy from this day onwards after a hard consideration, remembering the conversation he had the other day with the director. Hearing his words, Aomine is left speechless.

Aomine forgets

Aomine breaks as he tells Kuroko he does not remember how to catch his passes anymore

Moments later after Sanada leaves, Kuroko catches up with Aomine near a riverside, asking Aomine come back to practice. Aomine refuses and states that training is useless because he enables his team to win even if he doesn't try. Kuroko says that he understands Aomine's feelings. Aomine then belittles Kuroko and says that a guy with no raw potential like him with would never understand. He also states he would rather have Kuroko's weak body stature to find reason to play on. Kuroko, in a state of panic, says that he envies everyone's abilities and would work hard on his passing to be on par with everyone else. Aomine then questions Kuroko reasons to pass the ball, stating that the team does not need anything like that to achieve victory, rendering Kuroko's ability as useless. He reminds Kuroko that he has never caught any of his passes ever since the Teikō against Kamata West match. Finally, Aomine tells Kuroko that he has completely forgotten how to receive Kuroko's passes ever since then, shocking Kuroko.

Akashi and Murasakibara quarrel

Akashi and Murasakibara get into a quarrel

Meanwhile at the gym, after hearing about Aomine's situation, Murasakibara decides to skip training too, only to be told off by Akashi again. Murasakibara says that the only reason he obeyed Akashi was because Akashi is stronger than him. He now thinks otherwise and belittles Akashi, starting a tense atmosphere...

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